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Relocation: It’s all about development

The relocation of Lantau cattle isn’t about cattle. It’s about development. This new banner in Pui O (ab0ve), calling for a massive upgrade of Lantau’s main roads, tells the story. The rural committees who were the key backers of the … Continue reading

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The AFCD view: Cattle are a ‘nuisance’

Here’s a shortcut to understanding the relocation issue: for the AFCD, the removal of Lantau cattle to Sai Kung has not been to protect cattle from humans and cars. Rather, it’s the other way round. In a letter from the … Continue reading

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Ho Loy interview recalls past relocation cruelty

Life on Lantau magazine’s current issue carries an interview with LBA chairperson Ho Loy, who talks about how she came to be involved in animal conservation on Lantau. With cattle ‘relocation’ once again in the headlines, she recalls a notorious … Continue reading

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