Ho Loy interview recalls past relocation cruelty

Life on Lantau magazine’s current issue carries an interview with LBA chairperson Ho Loy, who talks about how she came to be involved in animal conservation on Lantau.

With cattle ‘relocation’ once again in the headlines, she recalls a notorious relocation exercise on Mui Wo cows in 2006:

The incident was documented by a local community group, with full video and photos showing how our public money was being used for cruelty against animals. I reported the case through my business network. It attracted an animal concern group ‘Animal Earth’ who helped to expose it to the media and Legco. The case finally caused an increase in the penalty of Ordinance 169 – Prevention of Animal Cruelty.

We can’t link to the story directly, but here is a .pdf for download.

Ho Loy Life On Lantau

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