Road Speed vs Cattle – AFCD Meeting Nov 2

There is to be a meeting at AFCD  next Monday, Nov 2, in the Government Cheung Sha Wan Offices afternoon to  discuss “Road safety issues in relation to stray cattle on the South  Lantau Road”.

Apparently this question came up in a session of the Traffic  and Transport Committee of the Islands District Council on 28 September.

LIM, LBA, GLA  and others will be attending, so will the members of the TTC. We are concerned that there may be a push for the  removal of some or all the cattle, rather than focusing on the issue of  speeding which, as we all know, is the real problem.

We would be  grateful if you could circulate this info to everyone in the Cheung  Sha /  Tong Fuk / Shiu Hau area who might be interested.

Please let us have any background on the speeding issue – we know there have been attempts to get speed limits  in the village areas enforced and traffic calming measures have been tried  – presumably to no avail.

We would also appreciate your views  generally about the cattle – we need the support of as many local  residents as possible to try to ward off this potential threat.  Leave your comments below, or email us for more details.



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