Cattle shelters, not relocation


In response to speculation about renewed attempts to resettle Lantau cattle, the LBA makes the following points:

  • The AFCD has advised that Tai A Chau (one of the Sokos islands) has been “suggested as a potential relocation site,” but no decision has been made. Another suggestion has been made to move cattle to mountain areas behind Mui Wo.
  • We are happy to address outstanding issues with the AFCD cattle team and other groups Continue reading
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New South Lantau police chief: Road safety a priority


Chief Insp Bennett (left), with LBA chairperson Ho Loy

LBA had a very positive meeting with the new Lantau South police chief, Chief Inspector David Neil Bennett, on June 17.

The main take-out is that Chief Insp, Bennett – who has a background in traffic policing and joins us directly from Lantau North traffic division – has made road safety a priority.

He says he’s committed to improving traffic policing on South Lantau Road, targeting speeding and other offences that have a direct impact on road safety. Police will have at their disposal advanced mobile and infra-red equipment that will enable them to detect and identify moving vehicles at any time of the day or night.

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